Genty BnB
202, Kumsung-artvill, 11-9 , Yeonam-Ro 9-gil, Seoul, South Korea

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GentyBnB is located near Gajwa Subway Station. It is 12-minute walking distance away from Hongik University Station(Airport Railroad Station) and 7-minute drive from Sinchon. The great location provides guests with easy access to the must-see destination that the lively city has to offer.

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English: 202, Kumsung-artvill,366-45, Yeonnam-dong, mapo-gu, seoul
Korean: ??? ??? ??? 366-43 ????? 202?(???9? 11-9, 202?)

1. Inchon Airport -> Hongik University Station
Best method : Airport Railroad -> Train(3,850 won ,1 hour) -> Hongik University Station
2. Hongik University Station -> GentyBnB
1) walking: Hongik University Station Exit 3 (12 minute). (Porvide Map. How to go to gentybnb)
2) bus: Hongik University Station Exit 2 (6 minute), take a bus(No. 05) -> Get off at the third stop
3) taxi: Hongik University Station Exit 2, take a taxi forward gentybnb (5 minute) -> address

#Way to go Guesthouse at Hongik University Station
Hongik University Station EXIT 2 -> Out from Exit 2. Cross the road. No 05 bus rides -> Get off at the third stop -> See map(Diagonally through the intersection, go straight signs '?????' in the left. And straight ahead, turn right at the first long alley)

#Way to go Hongik University Station at Guesthouse
Go left out of the guest house and go again the left -> No 06 bus rides -> Hongik Univ Station EXIT 2 (Last Terminal)