Korean Style Noble House
93-1, Pyeongchang 11-gil, Seoul, South Korea

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Welcome to Pyeongchangdong Noble house in Seoul, Korea.

We provide the high quality of Korean life style experience, we will help you to understand Korean travel attractions.

This Noble house is totally different style of accommodation, Korean Hanok style concept you can feel with luxurious items.

Pyeongchangdong, it’s kind of Beverly Hills in Seoul, Korea. High class Korean style experiences we will provide for the guests who want to try something Korean.

In the garden, you can take a rest with a gorgeous Korean pine tree and you can take a look at the Korean spiritual paintings, handcrafts and accessories

About the location, it is located near Gyeongbokgung(Palace) station so you can go easily to the tourist spots downtown in Seoul.

Come and feel Pyeongchangdong noble house for the best travel unforgettable in Seoul. Thank you~



* From the Airport, Seoul station and Gyeongbok-gung by taking a taxi to get here easily.

* Gyeongbok-gung is the closest subway station from this accommodation.