Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse
Seoul Gangnam-gu Nonhyeon dong 112-5, Seoul, South Korea

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Kimchee Gangnam Guesthouse is a fun, friendly and stylish Gangnam Guesthouse with great facilities, set in a beautiful building which mixes bold interior design and elegant boutique architecture.

We like to think of it as more of a sociable place to stay and meet other travellers than just a place to sleep, though with an on-site cafe and space for over 100 guests, it can get very lively.

Boutique Gangname style Cafe / Common room

Relax and mingle with the other guests, make new friends from all over the world in our spacious common room! The Boutique Cafe is he newest addition to our guesthouse, our common room provides a cozy setting for you to unwind after a day of busy exploration. Share your day with us over a cup of coffee and light snacks.




By Subway (Regular AREX) Time Travel: 90 mins (Cost: 4050 won)

1. Take the regular AREX will take you to ‘Gimpo Airport’ station.

2. Upon arrival at ‘Gimpo Airport’ station, transfer to Line 9 (Brown line) towards ‘Express Bus Terminal’ Station

3. Upon arrival at ‘Express Bus terminal’ Station, transfer to line 7 (Dark Green line) towards ‘Gangnam-gu’ Office Station

4. Upon arrival at ‘Gangnam-gu Office’ Station, take EXIT 3

5. Come out of Exit 3 and walking straight and take first right at the intersection.

6. Keep walking straight till you see ‘CU’ convinient store and make left.

7. Pass Tom n Toms coffee and KUDO’S and then make right at the first alley after KUDO’S

8. You will see our Sign

9. You have arrived at Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse

By Limousine Bus (No. 6704) (Cost: 16,000KRW)

Time Travel: 95 mins / Cost: 16,000 won

1. Exit the door on the 1st floor at the airport

2. Take the Airport Limousine bus No. 6704 at gate 11A

4. Get off at ‘Imperial Palace Hotel’ Bus Stop.

5. After you get off the bus, walk towards big intersection.

6. Cross the crosswalk towards ‘GOLD TIME’

7. Turn right and keep walking straight and pass 7/11

8. Turn left at ‘That’s Coffee’ cafe

9. Keep walking straight untill you see MOTEL sign and turn right.

10. Pass ‘KIA’ car dealershop and make left on first alley

11. You will see our Sign

12. You have arrived at Kimchee Sinchon Guesthouse