The Closest Hostel
28 Yanghwa-ro 23-gil, Seoul, South Korea

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From Nights People


Best location and owner ever! ;-)

This hostel is 1min. (120meter / 400feet) away from the exit3 of hongik univ. station. (Exit3 is the closest exit you can reach airport express and line no2 in the sametime. Stations are quite big in Seoul.)

You also can see the building from exit3 of Hongik Univ. station. (Please check the building picture and map in the photo section.)
That is why this is 'the closest hostel'.

It is a cozy and bright hostel, a bit small though.

We will give you the perfect service no matter what the price is. We decided to be in this industry, because we love people, especially travelers. Rick and helpers will share everything about us and will give you everything you need. That's this hostel's motto for the customers from the world.

Lee will help you get everything you need in Korea. :-)

Hostel has 8rooms in 2 buildings but 1 reception.
1st building has 4rooms(reception building.)
- We didn't open the whole availability in the hostelworld. So we are quite sure you will stay in the reception building.
However, we should let you know you might stay in 2nd building that is even closer to the same station, if there is overbooking.(Every guest prefered that building because of easier connection to the train station.)

This property is only for foreigners, therefore Korean travelers booking will be canceled by the hostel.



The address of reception is '28 Yanghwa-ro 23-gil, Mapogu, Seoul, South Korea'.

Please go to photo section of the first page, and print out the 3rd picture. (Actually you can see the hostel building from the exit no.3 of Hongik Univ. station.)
There is a map to get to 'the closest hostel'.
Please check it first, then you can find it easily.


--- From Incheon or Gimpo Airport.

1. Take Airport railroad from Incheon or Gimpo airport.
2. Hongik Univ. Station.(45 min. 7 stations away from the Incheon airport station)
3. You actually can see the hostel building from the Exit no.3
4. We are within 50meters of Exit no.3 of the hongik univ. station.
(Check the map of the photo section plz!!!- Even though we are very close, it might be confusing.)

Airport express is recommended compared to airport limousine bus.