Taipei MRT Hostel
No 138 Jihe Road, Taipei, Taiwan

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*MRT Stay *
The property is with convenient location, close to MRT station. It is also close to the famous night markets in Teipei which is very rare to find among Taipei properties. Guests can not only taste traditional Taipei cuisine, but do shopping and enjoy fashion in Taipei.

The property is with modern and fashionable design. It is not a hotel but pure accommodation. The stay period is flexible and price is budget. With its convenient location, guests will feel comfortable and sweet as stay home. Although the room is not that spacious, but with good cost performance. As the booking of the property is very hot, please make your reservation earlier.

Faocilities: bed, LCD TV, air-conditioning, Free WiFi, hot shower, electronic kettle, toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste, facial cleanser, hairdryer. Please keep environment protection and prepare your own towel and toothbrush.

The photos are the standard room. The rooms are with different locations. The room and bed types will be provided subject to the availability. Please leave the correct email address and check in time. The property will reply with the onsite staff’s contact number, reception address & map, things to note within 24 hours. The guests need to reply the email to confirm and use the property email as check-in certificate.



We will reply all the arrangement details within 24 hours once we receive guest’s email. Guests need to reply to double confirm all the details are correct. Then, they can show this email copy as the certificate to check in.