Big Choi's Hongdae Guest House - Mr.Kim's Branch
448-6 Seogyo-dong, Seoul, South Korea

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Welcome to Big Choi's Guesthouse

Why our guesthouse?

Benefits of Mr. Kim's Branch chain of hostels.

1. Extremely Cheap Dorms and many private rooms!
2. Great location, few minutes from the hongik subway and night life area.
3. Family atmosphere, you'll feel like your at home.
4. All the facilities are free to use and we'll even share food and drinks.

'Come as a guest, leave as a friend'

Hello, I'm Big Choi, a backpacker who has also traveled to many countries around the world and now run 'Big Choi's Guesthouse'.
The focus of this guesthouse is to share with everyone what Korea has to offer.
And I will always share whatever I have with others:
food, drinks, friends, heart. . . . .everything.
You can check in & out anytime, drink here with us or go out. You can come and go whenever you please, because I believe in the manners of backpackers.
So, we want real backpackers to come here.
If you are looking for a guesthouse that offers freedom and a family like atmosphere, then come here!

- This is a brand new guesthouse,
So everything in here is new and clean including beds, sheets, pillows and all facilities.

- Perfect location!
It takes 1min from airport bus stop and 3min from subway stop by foot.
Located in Hongik University which is very famous for clubs, bars, restaurants and it's art scene.
This area is one of the most famouse 'Hongik university area' which is filled with hot girls&guys on every weekend.
So if you want to enjoy the fascinating active culture of Korea, must come here.
Also it takes 15~20min to Kyungbok palace, Insadong, City hall, Namdaemoon, Dongdaemoon, Seoul N tower, Myungdong, etc.

- Very Hospitable staff!
Our staff are very friendly and helpful.
We are willing to answer any question you may have.

- Love Food!
We also have a cook, so whenever you want,
you can taste some delicious Korean food
such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Korean B.B.Q, or Japchae. If you want we can also cook together.
This is the best chance for trying real korean food.

- Easy to get travel information
We run a travel agency as well. For your convenience, we can help you book flights and Korean domestic tour's: such as the DMZ tour or a Seoul city tour.
You can enjoy an exciting Korean experience.
(We can reserve tours of Korea's Demilitarized zone(DMZ), Panmunjeom, Daily City Tour &Cultural Tour, etc. And we offer free pick-up service for every tour as well).

- All facilities here are free and available all day & night
For example,
High speed-100 Mbps Wi-Fi & internet access
Laundry machine (from 10:00 until 22:00), detergent, iron & board.
Individual Lockers, bed linen & warm blankets.
Kitchen, kitchen utensils, seasonings, water purifier, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.
Hot shower, hair dryer etc.

#Special Events
Payments : Just 5,000won.
Includes : Drinks, homemade kimchi, side dishes, hot girls and boys :)

* Our house is your house *



Directions from Incheon Airport
1. Exit door #5 or #12 on the 1st floor at the airport
2. You will see the sign '5B' or '12B'
3. Take an Airport bus No. 6002 at gate 5B or 12B
4. Get off at 'Seokyo Hotel & Kyungnam Wedding Hall' Bus Stop. The bus ride takes about 40mins.
5. After you get off the bus, cross a crosswalk towards Hyundai Car dealer.
6. Continue up the alley for 3 blocks untill you see the 3M Image Print store.
7. Cross a crosswalk and turn left and walk until you see first alley.
8. Turn right. Keep heading up the street and you can see our sign!

Directions from Hongik Univ. Subway Station (Incheon international Airport direct Subway line):
1. Once you arrive at 'Hongik Univ.' subway station, take EXIT 1.
2. Continue walk straight about 1-2 mins.
3. Turn right when you see a construction site (covered with fence).
4. Keep going about 1-2min until you see 7/11, TGI Friday Restaurant, and 7/11 convenient store at the intersection.
5. At the intersection, turn left and cross the crosswalk.
7. Continue up the street for 3 blocks (3-5mins). You will pass by Family Mart and the Kia and Hyundai car repair shop.
8. Once you see another 7/11 make a right
9. Keep heading up the street for about 30 seconds and you will see our sign.