Sunshine Guesthouse
30. Doni-dong, Seoul, South Korea

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Remodeling in the room!!

Jongno Sunshine Guesthouse is located in the heart of Seoul in Jongno where you could experience Korean culture and Korean history.
We treat travelers as a friend and family, so that can make their journey in seoul as pleasant as possible.

What we provide:
Free Breakfast

Free Internet Service ( include Wi - Fi at Lobby )

Free Brewed Coffe

Security Camera

Good access to transportation [30sec by walk to jongno 3(sam) ga station]

Cozy & Pretty Backyard

Traditional Korean Style Room on the 5th floor

Good English, Japanese, Thai speaking staff

Travel information and free volunteer guide

You can enjoy the view of Traditional Korean Style
House on the roof top

Big Play Room (Pool, Table Tannis, Dart, Mini Baseketball, etc.)

Ideal location for traveling central Seoul
( to Insadong, Myung - dong, around 10 min by walk)



★ How to come to sunshine guesthouse from Incheon airport ★

1. Subway

(It costs around 4,000KRW / takes around 1 hour and 10 min)

If you want to take subway, please take Arex from the Incheon International airport to Gongduk station and at the Gongduk station you have to transfer to line 5 from Arex after transfer to line 5, please take off at the jongno 3ga station. And please come out Exit no. 4.

2. Airport bus

(It costs around 10,000KRW / takes around 1 hour ~ 1hour 30min)

If you want to take airport bus, please take #.6002 and please get off atJongno-3ga station (In front of Hollis coffee shop) and please turn left and go into the first alley and go 5 blocks then turn right and then you can see the Jongno-3ga station Exit no. 5.

Please keep going that direction to Exit no. 4. (It takes less than 1min)

Then cross the street. Look for a small fruit shop and go into the alley (left) . then you can see our hostel’s sign from our building.

It takes 15mins from airport bus stop to our hostel.

★ How to come to sunshine guesthouse from Gimpo airport ★

1. Subway
If you want to save your money, you can take the subway.
It will cost around 1,250 KRW per person, and it will takes around 55 min.
You can take line 5 to come to our hostel.
SANGIL-DONG, MACHOEN direction, you have to get off at Jongno 3 ga station.
please come out at Exit no.4, It takes 1min from Jongno3-ga station Exitno.4

2. Taxi
If you have enough money, you can take taxi to come to our hostel.
It will cost around 20,000 KRW. and it will takes 40 min.