Taipei Ximen Zebra Apartment
13 Lane 29 Xi-Chang Street Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

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From Nights People


Zebra Apartment has a Zebra and Leopard theme decoration designed for
people with adventurous spirits and creative minds. The decorations
let your imagination and dreams run wild. Fun loving personalities
will find themselves at home here.

(Monthly Rental 30 days plus or Yearly Rental) (月租或年租)'
Chinese Address:台北市康定路56巷過雅江街走到底,就會斑馬屋在一樓

In the Ximen area apartments don't worry about carrying your luggage
upstairs. We are located on the first floor with a sunshine balcony.
All of the furniture was exclusively hand made by the owner. You will
enjoy wooden furniture and rooms decorated with animal skin pattern.
Rooms have many layers of enjoyment

Zebra Apartments offers a 30 min bike tour to see Wild Duck Nature
Park and introduce you to the wonderful river bike path that passes
through all of Taipei. We have 20 bike available for rent so you and
all your friends can enjoy Taipei more. We even have small bikes with
training wheels so young children can learn to ride.


We are located in the Ximen area, the young and stylish shopping
center area in Taipei. While staying at Zebra Apartments you can
conveniently go shopping and see the fashionable people.


We are located in Wanhua district which is full of historical sites to
visit as well as the Wild Duck Nature Park where you can ride bikes
and observe birds.

If you enjoy bike riding, river watching, or bird watching, then Zebra
Apartment is exactly what you are looking for.

Deep into Local Experience

Zebra Apartment is well suited to accommodate travelers for a few
weeks break or month if you want to deepen your experience into Taipei
local life. We are on the first floor with convenient bike parking
area and space for you luggage.

The owner

The Zebra Apartment was created by the owner Mr. Cindy Hsu, an
experienced backpacker perhaps like you. She has traveled to over 30
countries in Europe, Asia, and North America including cities in USA
and China.

Cindy has a nice attitude toward travelers and very open minded in
assisting you in your travel through Taiwan and Asia. She loves
hearing and sharing travel stories, tips, and interesting experiences.

Keeping improving

It is our goal to continuously improve. We welcome and appreciate your
opinions and suggestions on how we can make your stay better. Please
share with us

The price you pay has no extra charges. Here is what is included...

FREE Computers & Internet Access
FREE High Speed Wi-Fi internet access
FREE Drinking Water.
FREE Maps & Tourist Information.
FREE Leopard Sheets and Pillowcases
100% Washed sheets make bed by yourself service
FREE Toilet paper and Tissues.
FREE Phone for Calls in Taipei City
FREE Hair Dryer
FREE Basic Medical materials
FREE Iron Board w/ iron
FREE 24 hours hot water for shower
FREE Luggage Storage.
FREE All Rooms with Air-conditioning
FREE Laundry & Washing Machine.
FREE Wash Powder
FREE Bikes Parking(1F Balcony)

Welcome to stay at Zebra Apartment where you will meet new friends and
enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in Taipei.

Looking forward to seeing you


Zebra Apartment Owner
Cindy Hsu
(Monthly Rental 30 days plus or Yearly Rental) (月租或年租)'



Important Note:Please come Short Cut at Lane 56 Kang-Ding Road.which is acrossing street of Taiwan University Hospital.
Print out Chinese short cut address:台北市康定路56巷走到底斑馬紋白色門
(just 1 min to be made from hospital.enter the lane you will see at right side a zebra white door that is it. ) from this short cut you no need a address.

From MRT

form MRT Ximen station Exit 1,along Cheng-Du road go straight to Ximen Elementary School (5 minutes) turn left to Kang-ding road right side turn right on lane 56, just in few seconds u will see a No.13 is parking space,keeping walking for more seconds ( after crossing Yajing street) u will see on right side have a No.13 for Xi-Chang street lane 29. This is it you wont miss it...

(after crossing the Yajiang street it became lane 29 of Xi-chang street in the same lane 56 Kang-ding road)
from Ximen MRT to us by walk around 8 minutes.

From Long-shan temple MRT stop,out of the MRT u will see long shan temple face to u,at the right side is Xi-Chang street, you walking along the Xi-chang street to the lane 29 at your right side,then your will see No.13 for Zebra Apartment.from long shan temple takes around 8 to 10 minutes (its from the head to the end of the street,u will finish for a whole street of Xi-chang st. )

Bus Stops

to Ximen Elementary School Stop
to National Taiwan University Hospital Bei-Hu Branch
to Chung-Hsin Bridge
from each stops to Zebra Apartment just 1 minutes.

From air port

take the bus to Taipei main station,
from Taipei Main Sation Take MRT to Ximen,just one stop then u off to Ximen stop

From Taipei Main Station

take taxi is around 120~150nt ($3),
take MRT to Ximen for just one stop.