Golden Pond Guesthouse
188-40, 14/5 Myeongnyun-dong 4-ga Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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Golden Pond Guesthouse started in 2006 with a newly renovated main wing that opened May 2009. There are single rooms, doubles, 4 bed and 6 bed dormitories. A female dorm is also available. We offer a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with many amenities including:

1. air conditioning
2. washer (free) and dryer (2000 won)
3. free wireless internet
4. free internet available in the lobby
5. common kitchen
6. common room with big screen television
7. keyless entry system for all rooms and cctv
8. lockers (locks not provided)
9. television in single and double rooms
10. 6 bed dormitories have bathrooms attached
11. pay phone
12. help with tours and sightseeing



Via Subway:

1. Get off at Hyehwa Station (#4 Line, exit #4).
2. Walk up the stairs of exit #4 and turn left (you should going away from Mr. Pizza).
3. Keep going until you reach an intersecting street.
4. Stores along the way: Tous Les Jours on left -> Mr Donut on right ->Watsons on right
5. After Watsons is the intersecting street
6. Cross the street and theres an alley on the left followed by Family Mart.
7. Turn into the alley and follow along as it bends right.
8. On the left youll see the wooden faade of a caf/gallery called (Space)Lou.
9. As you pass Lou, a road branches off left. Turn onto this road
10. At the end of the road youll see a yellow fish-shaped Golden Pond sign
11. Directly behind the sign is the building where you will check-in.

Via Airport Bus:

1. Purchase ticket for bus heading to Sung-Kyun-Kwan University. (should be bus #6011)
2. Incheon Airport has info booths if you have trouble finding the ticket booth/bus stop
3. Get off at Sung-Kyun-Kwan University stop (the bus driver will notify you if you ask)
4. Walk towards the nearest traffic lights
5. You will pass by the stores Smoothie King and Watsons
6. When you reach Watsons youll see Dunkin Donuts on the right and Family Mart on the left
7. If you look at Family Marts entrance, there is an alley on its left side
8. Head into the alley and continue down as it curves right
9. On the left side there is a wooden faade for a caf/gallery called (Space) Lou
10. After Lou a road branches off left. Turn onto this road.
11. At the end youll see a yellow fish-shaped Golden Pond sign
12. The building behind the sign is where you will check-in