Guesthouse Korea
155-1 Kwonnong-Dong, Seoul, South Korea

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Guesthouse Korea is a cheap accommodation for all Koreans and foreigners who travel to Korea.
Located in center of Seoul (CBD Area). We are very convenient to many types of public transportation.

We provide the dormitory room, the single rooms as well as double/twin rooms.
All Dormitory rooms included bathroom & air-condition as well as private lockers.
All Private rooms included bathroom, Cable TV & air-condition along with a refrigerator.
Guests can also avail of TV lounge (VCR, Cable TV), hot showers, Free breakfast, coffee & green tea, Free Internet service, Free laundry, as well as useful information about Korea.

The Pub (Bar) on the 1st floor in Guest House Korea.
We sell coffee, tea, beer, some drinks and side dish at a good price

You will be glad to hear that we have no curfew. We are the ideal place for cultural exchange between guests and Korean people.

If you have any questions then please contact us, send us E-mail or ring to us. This will be your home away from home in Korea.

Have a great day!



The way from Incheon-airport to GuesthouseKorea by the airport bus. Number 6011 : Price 10,000won

* How to come to GuesthouseKorea from changdeok-gung airport station by foot.

1. Get a airport bus(Number 6011) at the airport and get off at Changdeok-gung palace station.
2. When you get off at Changdeok-gung station, walk straight to Changdeok-gung palace.
3. Walk across the crosswalk to Nescafe coffee shop on the intersection in front of Changdeok palace, when you are in front of Nescafe coffee shop turn left and pass in the construction area.
4. Go into the street between Fjifilm and the construction area.
5. Walk straight around 20miters, then can see GuesthouseKorea and enter the main gate.
6. It takes around 5minitues from the station(Number 6011) to Guesthouse on foot.

* How to come to GuesthouseKorea from Jongno-3ga subway station by foot.

1. Get out from exit 7 at Jongno-3ga station.
2. Walk straight in the direction of Changdeok-gung palace.
3. Pass the Biwon mart.(You may buy your daily necessity there)
4. When you see GS25 convinience store, there will be a road on your right side. Take that road.
5. Turn left after the traditional clothes shop.
6. Go straight for about 20miters, You will arrive in GuesthouseKorea
7. It takes around 10 to 15minitus from Jongno-3ga station to GuesthouseKorea.

Please refer the map in our website.